Lonely tags dropped ... but not

Some weeks ago I noticed that when you removed a note with a tag, if that note was the last one tied to that tag, the tag was dropped from too.
And when you would like to add that tag to another note, if you clicked on "add tag" the dropdown lisy will show you the last existing tag that are already used, and not the "removed tags".


In fact, the "lonely tags" are still in the database ...


you can have a look at it with

curl -XGET

So I'm asking myself, why the dropdown does not list those "lonely tags" ?

They are kept in the database because they might be used by other clients.

Good question. I didn't write about it but personally, for me deleting empty tags is very inconvenient.

I have tags "todo," " evaluation," and so on. The main task for the day/week is to do these tags empty :slight_smile:

But if I finish all my tasks, for example, and do not have any "todo," now I want to see "todo 0" and not disappeared tag.