Lock checkboxes from accidental edit

I have a topic that uses checkboxes to nicely document choices made on a data submission form.

The appropriate boxes are already checked and I want them to NOT be edited accidentally

I haven't seen a way to do this-- by their nature, checkboxes in a checklist are and should be editable, but that also means someone could accidentally check (or uncheck) a box and never receive a warning of any kind, and from a documentor or auditor's point of view, that's a Bad Thing.

I don't think this requires a real estate change-- maybe something like a non-rendered [checkboxes_locked] tag at the top of the page source would work?

So (proposal): if the page source starts with [checkboxes_locked], checkboxes in the rendered page would be display-only in all modes. Editing of checkbox checked/unchecked status would be done either by entering an X in the source page thus: - [x] or by removing the lock tag.


You can use emojis/unicode for the checkbox like :heavy_check_mark: / :black_square_button:

Or if you still want to use Markdown, you could create a plugin that makes all the checkboxes disabled in the document when a certain condition is met.

HTML entities are a good idea, thanks!

Using ☐ and :ballot_box_with_check: and it looks okay.

Still think it's a issue to be able to lock down a checklist though. :slight_smile:

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