Location info in note properties on mobile

Is there any chance we could show the location in the note properties on mobile the same way as on desktop?

Currently it only says Show on map even if there’s no location info. IMO it would be nicer to show the location like DDD° MM' SS.S", DDD° MM' SS.S" if there is any location stored for that note and when clicking on it, it will be shown on the map.

i’d like all the actual info from the “(i)” icon from the desktop to the mobile too.

The issue is that there’s not a lot of space on the sidebar so it’s difficult to put info like this or like the source URL.

This is true, especially for very long links. But I was actually only talking about the location data.
The current View on map takes about 1/3rd of the width of the sidebar, so DD° MM' SS", DD° MM' SS" should fit as well.

With regards to the URL, another idea would be to provide a menu when long pressing the Go to source URL text that provides the following options:

Copy to clipboard
Show URL
Go to URL

Clicking normally on it should still have the same behavior as currently. Or we could just add 2 more text links (Copy URL to clipboard, Show URL) below the Go to source URL. But that’s just another crazy idea. I opened this topic mainly for the location info.