Geolocation on Android App

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I don’t understand how geolocation is working, in Android principally…
I give the GPS rights to the app but not GPS coordinates are set on notes.
I don’t see any options to activate this in the app.

How can I do that?


In Configuration in section Note set Save geo-location with notes to On.

To retrieve the info, you can click on the note and then on the menu icon. Choose Properties and there should be a link View on map.

In the desktop app, you can click on the info toolbar icon, and you will see the coordinates there.

@laurent I think we should show the coordinates on mobile as well (like in the desktop app) instead of just showing the text View on map.

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I still have problem on my Samsung A40 to retrieve the location. Put the settings as mentioned by you. Desktop is working fine, but on mobile location is not retrieved / saved. Thank you for your feedback.

The location search on mobile depends on the OS APIs - thus you have to have location services enabled on your phone.

I have my location enabled and the app is allowed to access my location always. Can it be related to Android 10 ?

Bug report
EriksyncReport-1588519591552.txt (22.0 KB)

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