List of previously opened notes

Is there a way of getting a drop down list of previously opened notes?
Repeatedly clicking on the left arrow is really tedious when I want to go back more than 2 previous notes.

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You could use the Plugin Note Tabs as a "workaround".
It will open your notes in tabs, and if you set the setting to "always pin", then all opened notes will be pinned (otherwise they will be pinned temporary only).

I'm using that now but I only pin notes that I use regularly. To pin all notes wouldn't be practical for me seeing that I may open many notes daily. There wouldn't be enough space on the tab bar.

Definitely sounds like it could be a plugin idea though (if there isn't one already), either as a new panel or simply a note that could work like a browser history, just adds the folder > note path to new lines at the top and gets truncated every x days/hours.

I'm sure I can create a plugin for it but I just don't have that kind of time. I'm surprise it's just not a regular part of Joplin to be able to call up previously opened notes.

Sorry, I forgot I already opened this.

Hey, @iomari, try this one out: Plugin: The History Panel

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