Linux appimage not showing all notebooks

Fired up 1.0.227 on a Debian desktop, which had previously shown all my notebooks on the sidebar. But now, it’s not showing some of my notebooks. Specifically, all the nested ones. The notes are all still there, I can find them in a search, and they show in the code view as being in the correct notebook, but the notebooks aren’t visible in the sidebar. Thinking it was odd, I created a new nested notebook. That shows fine. Decided to see if an update to 1.0.233 would help. It does not. Still shows the new nested notebooks, but not the ones that were originally missing.

Edit: I also fired up a laptop that I use infrequently (also running Debian, and Joplin 1.0.227) and after letting it sync I shut down Joplin and re-started it. The same notebooks are missing from the sidebar. The “test” nesting notebook is still visible.

Let me know if there’s any more information I can provide. Thank you, all.


Edit #2: Still don’t know how it happened, but I created new notebooks, moved the notes from the old notebooks that weren’t showing up into the newly created ones, and all is fine now. I believe, for some reason, that the parent notebook that contained all the subs didn’t sync properly, and so all the sub-notebooks were looking for a parent_id that no longer existed.