Link Joplin to sqlite file (again)

I am on Windows 11, Joplin 2.12.18 (prod, win32). Until recently, I had my Joplin synced with my OneDrive. Then I had to delete files from my OneDrive. Initially, I had no problem.

Today, upon reopening Joplin, none of my notes are shown within the Joplin interface. Since I had the sync failsafe activated, I do not believe any local files were deleted when the files were deleted from OneDrive.

I do know where the local database.sqlite file is stored on my PC (default location). The sqlite file contains 14,968 KB.

Under synchronization in general settings, I deactivated the synchronisation target for now (None).

How can I make joplin show me the notebooks and notes that should be stored in my local copy of the files again?

Please help!

Thank you.

Joplin always stores notes in the sqlite database file, regardless of whether you use synchronisation or not. If you don't see any notes, then this likely means that they aren't present in the database either. Judging by what you've written above, it's likely that you will need to undelete your notes using the method from However, this will only work if you had note history enabled and not enough time has passed to remove them from the database permanently.

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