Large log file

my log file is over 1 gig.
Is there anyway to control it's size?

Joplin 2.7.8
Ubuntu 21.10

You can just delete/rename and it will make a new one (assuming you mean the ~/.config/joplin-desktop/log.txt file)

That I know but I was surprised to see it reached 1 gig. There should be a way of setting it's size in case one forgets to check it.

There was a PR or something a while ago to implement a rolling log file but it stalled or got abandoned for some reason so if somebody can come up with a solution that can implement it in an acceptable way then it has a good chance of being accepted.

Understood. Can't it be configured with the native syslog?

No idea I'm afraid, the open issue (assigned to backlog) is here and was a PR that attempted to implement this so it is an area that should be OK for development if a good PR is made.

Uderstood, I'l give it a shot.

Hi reading this issue, I have checked my log.txt file, and it reached 10 GB in my case. Thanks to mention it, I will delete and check it periodically before a permanent solution came up, thanks again.

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