Language support and text-align border problem

use joplin some weeks,but the note is not friendly for zh-cn language.
for example, mouse left; eat text.


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Personal advice is to use vscode for editing operations. At present, all the note-taking tools are difficult to overlook in terms of editing functions (after all, it is the main function of a professional editor rather than the accessory function of a note-taking tool)
For api, I just released an npm package. The code written using ts may help you when using it. The documentation is still a headache. How to deal with multiple languages, so there is no online api doc

个人建议是使用 vscode 进行编辑操作,目前所有的笔记工具在编辑功能上都难以望其项背(毕竟是专业的编辑器的主要功能而非一个笔记工具的附带功能)
api 的话我刚刚发布了一个 npm 包,使用 ts 编写的代码可能会在使用时帮助到你,文档的话目前还比较头疼多语言如何处理,所以没有 在线 api doc