Keyboard shortcuts no longer work

Manjaro Linux
Recent issue: Joplin desktop Linux doesn't launch anymore (resolved by adding —no-sandbox at end of launcher command)

New problem (related to the last?): The keyboards shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+T (insert time & date), Ctrl+S (sync) no longer work. The shortcuts like Ctrl+V does work.

Keyboard shortcuts working again! No idea what I could do for that, probably nothing … But you never know, so I don’t put this question as resolved today.

I am a new Joplin user, like the fact that I don't have a lock-in with Evernote, but Keyboard shortcuts don't work either and it has been almost 11 month since your post. (OSX BigSur 11.2, Joplin 1.6.8.)

We'd need more info. What shortcut doesn't work?

The Insert Date Time shift-command-T option for instance. The Usual keyboard shortcuts ctrl-v etc do work.

Some shortcuts aren't enabled in the Rich Text editor, so that's probably the issue. You can see which shortcuts are active by opening the Edit menu.

Solved. Thanks, shortcuts work in the Edit menu! Briljant, I can now link them to my Elgato Stream Deck. Super efficient for note taking during web conferences!