Keyboard shortcuts for "back", "forward", and "copy internal link for current note to clipboard"?

Based on my searches here, it doesn’t look like there are keyboard shortcuts for some actions that I use a lot — “back”, “forward”, and “copy internal link for current note to clipboard”.

Any chance of those being added in the future?


There’s currently no shortcuts for these, but there might be a GSoC project to add keyboard shortcut customisation, and that will most likely cover these actions.


Nice coincidence - I just came here to look if there's some plans for keyboard shortcuts, and find this topic as the topmost one :slight_smile:

What I'm mostly looking for is "Jump to previous note" and "Jump to next note". I assume that's what Rob means with "back" and "forward"? I often edit some notes in parallel, and would love to have some way of quickly navigating between them (especially if they are in different notebooks).
I actually sometimes press Alt + left arrow to go back, before noticing that I'm not inside a browser...

A GSoC project sounds great to me! Keeping my fingers crossed :+1:

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@Rob @philip-n I also request you guys to list out the shortcuts you use HERE for the future reference and implementation of the idea, so that we can list the shortcuts used most by users for different actions. Thanks. :smile:


Alternatively, adding navigation and copy-link to the menu bar would make it easy to create your own shortcuts via the OS. I would really like some way, any way of adding shortcuts for these operations.

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Do you think it would be useful if the editor remembers the cursor position of the previous and next notes?

Is it something that bothers you when working on multiple notes in parallel?

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I’d like it to do that.

(No need to persist this between sessions tho, given the extra metadata that would need)

In general: Yes, jumping forth and back to the specific cursor position would probably be helpful!

In addition to this, you got me thinking about additional shortcuts for quickly moving through a structured note:

  • “go to previous/next main heading” (or subheading)
  • a shortcut similar to the global search, but only for the headings of the global note (show all headings of the current note and filter them by typing, jump to the selected one)

I just checked in the latest beta and I don't see these in the new shortcut editor - I don't know how much trouble it would be to add them, but this would be very useful for making the inter-note linking more efficient.