JP server has double the size as there is data... Why?


I user the localhosted joplin server to sync my notes, this works perfectly well.
My local notes are in total appr. 650 MB On the server I see 1,3 GB so kind of doubled.
I recall that it was appr. 650 MB after uploaded the data to the server, then I had to sync my mobile and it lead to a mix between data from my mobile phone and the server. For some reason it merged but overwrote the mobil data. Due to this I deleted the redundant data on my desktop and synced to the server, then I synced to the mobile phone. The result is correct desktop, server and mobile phone have the correct data. But this action lead to a duplication of data on the server.

I had the note history switched on, now this is all switched of. Is this all history data which doubles the total size? If so how can I purge this ?


I'm not really into the note history stuff, but it's possibly the reason. You could export (on PC) everything to JEX format and then manually delete all data on the server.
I think, the history is not included in the JEX Format, but I am not quite sure, so maybe give it a try and then correct me.

I actually now finished almost what you are suggesting. I disabled all syncs. Exported to JEX on a PC.
And wanted to delete everything on the server. I did not found an option, any hint well come here.
To get rid of the data I simply droped my complete docker container plus the monted data files and just run the build again. Than I imported the JEX and all is fine. I assume that there is no history in the JEX file sind the size went down to 300 MB.
By the way I also did not found an option to delete all data on the mobile app, so also here uninstall, install, revconfigure and sync seems the fastest path. Ok a poor man's path, I just didn't found an other

Hello @MrKanister
there is one more strange observation. On the server I found a huge attachment listed in the item list. To get rid of it I removed this attachment on all synced devices (PC and mobil). Important to mention, this was the above brand new setup with no note-history switched on.
Buttom line: the huge attachment is removed from the clients, no history on (never ever) the clients are synced. BUT the huge attachment is still on the server, consuming space.
This leads to the question when and how are no longer needed artefacts are removed from the server?
Maybe @laurent can add some input ?


I don't really know about this one...the idea that came to my mind is about something like this... But I don't really know, if that fits your needs, because you say the resource is not at the clients anymore...


to summarize the subject: the server data was after some imports, reorgs of my structure suddenly almost triple of the size of the original data. The assumption was that this was due to note history. If or if not is not known at this point.
After a brand new setup of the server and one initial sync from a client the sizing was 1:1 server:client
After deleting a huge file on a client (PC) and syncing this detelet to a mobile client too. The assumption was that also the server size would shrink (there are only a PC and one mobile device syncing to the server). But the server size did not shrink, and when I checked the item list on the server I still could see the huge file.
The question is now: how are removals handled at the server? Are the handled or do we see here an infinite growth? I hope that @laurent can help to answer this?

Ping to all,
anyone who know how the removal of notes on the server works? Any idea why the documents were not removed after they have been deleted on all devices? Is this a bug?

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