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Joplin Web API for Nextcloud

@laurent After sharing a note. Images are not showing.


This is a great initiative. If you need any help from the Nextcloud side then let me know! :slight_smile:

it’s me Stefan, is Roeland also around?

Thanks for the offer @FrankKarlitschek! I’ll definitely let you know.

For now, the next step is to integrate the Joplin note renderer (which was recently extracted into a separate package) into the Nextcloud app.

is now supported by @rullzer as well

@FrankKarlitschek @rullzer sails are up :slight_smile: #gsoc

I assume the note renderer is mainly just a javascript package?

that has to be answered by @laurent or @tessus

Yes it is

prefect! Then we should be able to make that happen

Hi, I tried the nextcloud share feature and it works like expected. Thx for that. But how can I delete a share?
Am I blind or is this feature not implemented yet?

Hey guys,
I am Chhekur and want to share my idea to implement this feature,
So what I am thinking is, now we have an api that shares a note publicly. So in order to make it work for collaboration between users, we can create our own mapping of notes on the top of Nextcloud public sharing API.
So we just need to make mapping of association between users. on the basis of association we can actually show notes in both user’s profile (or many users) and once someone edit the file we can store only diff of the file to make it space efficient, so it will be very easy to remember which user changes what.
Ans since we have association of every file so we can actually send notification to all the user’s associated to that file in efficient manner.

> and in order to make it work for the projects we can actually make one more mapping on the top notes mapping which helps us to remember which project associated with how many users.

I can explain my approach in more details if needed ; )

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please keep in mind what is said in the live blog

he created the topic, so he will be notified anyway.
We want to avoid that entire forum and commiters on GH mentioned him and tessus, so that they lose control of their mailbox and miss important things.

Now back to your response.
Thank for sharing your brainstorming, I’m not so deeply into the new API and Nextcloud APIs, but in my understanding you want to make both apps to be aware of each other 's users making use of kind of SSO plus using the collaboration features of nextcloud.
May you can reference APIs etc you want to use as it is still a bit vague to me, but I’m not the technical expert here .

If you feel that my expose to much information of your potential proposal/application, you can draft it in there but it keep in mind that there must be some PR as we need to get become familiar with your coding skills and behavior.

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Wanted to try this, but it says I need NC version 17 or lower. Any plans to update for NC 18?

And after sharing a note, how will I be able to stop sharing it?


Should be supported eventually. Maybe it already works but the manifest needs to be updated.

Works fine in NC 18, so it is safe to raise the manifest requirement.

Excellent initiative!
Although share encrypted notes would be definitely better, at least it is usable tight away.
I can confirm web API works on NC 18 as well.

One important suggestion - display (store) the shared link in the note or content properties visible in a client. Otherwise one should save it somewhere manually (and not forgot to do so!).

Not sure if this has been posted yet but there’s a blog post by Nextcloud about Joplin and GSoC.

It is mentioned in GSoC live blog
it was created as we ask them to do so