Joplin Web API for Nextcloud

Both approaches have the same disadvantages actually. With Joplin Server, it would manage sharing, etc. but it will also need to manage your sync items, so you can’t use it next to Dropbox, Nextcloud or anything - it’s an all or nothing.

With the Nextcloud app, it’s similar, you can only use it with Nextcloud but of course, many more of Joplin users already have Nextcloud so it’s less of an issue. If you already have Nextcloud, it’s also very easy to install - you just press a button and it’s done.

So in the end, it was making more sense to make a Nextcloud app. Also it already handles user authentication, file access, sharing, database and other features needed for this, so it’s also a lot less effort.

You’re completely right. I guess it just “felt” more natural to me to have a dedicated server which would be the recommended way to sync and a couple of alternatives with a limited set of features.
In this scenario Nextcloud takes the spot of the recommended way to sync.

I’m glad this is being worked on.

Yes I believe though. I'm developing it in such a way that the Joplin stuff is decoupled from the Nextcloud backend so that potentially the app could be used separately (for example on an Apache or Nginx WebDAV server), but initially it will just be for Nextcloud. Dropbox and OneDrive unfortunately won't be supported I think.

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would this allow something like rest_uploader to upload directly nextcloud? I.e., does it expose the webclipper API?

No, as a general rule if something can be done by the desktop (or mobile) client that's how it will be done. So if OCR is ever supported it will be part of the desktop app.

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I have just noticed that the topic was split.
I'm currently updating the GSoC application. In the course of this, I would like to publish the first project idea.
Porting the web-app or have a Nextcloud app created would be the idea.
Now we have this here :grin:
In general, it is needed

  • storage
  • back-end server (what may run within another application)
  • front-end apps

Regarding Nextcloud

  1. is it smart to run the back-end as an app in Nextcloud
  2. shall it be installed on the same server (as e.g. docker image)
  3. an app is written what communicates via the API
  4. port (fork) the web-app, to make it run as nextcloud app

Currently, I don't know how to describe the project(s) :sob:.
Whatever going to happen, it should be done in such a way that Joplin is not limited to be used with Nextcloud only, when you want to integrate it into another collaboration app.
Of course, Nextcloud would be the pilot and thus the one with the most drive most likely.

description should be as described in

I installed the pre-release of Joplin that adds note sharing capabilities. I also installed the Nextcloud app. When I check the status via sync settings in Joplin I get “Beta: Joplin Nextcloud App status: OK”. When I share a note, the fields in the Nextcloud app populate. Opening the public share link, however, results in a 404.

If you click on the Joplin icon in Nextcloud, what does the status page says? Is there a sync target and “share” row?


Hmm, that’s weird. Could you post a screenshot of the 404 error too please? It seems to be Nextcloud that can’t find the page then. Also what’s the URL you get for sharing? (you can remove the domain name)


Sharing generates the following URL:

My Nextcloud instance is based on the snap package. The Nextcloud version is 16.0.5.

The "extra-apps" part is strange as normally apps are under just "apps". Does it work if you change this part to "apps"? As in:

It does not.
However changing it to (include index.php) works.

At first glance there are a couple of issues with the rendered markdown (which I guess is to be expected at such an early stage):

  • Bullet points don’t work
  • Checkboxes don’t work
  • Images are not shown
  • Hyperlinks have no visual cue
  • File-attachments have no visual cue (like blue font color)
  • File Attachments have no visual cue and direct me to my Nextcloud files-page
  • [toc] doesn’t work

And when you click on the Joplin icon, what url does it give you? Also apps/joplin or extra-apps/ joplin?

Yes indeed I’m aware of the issues you mentioned, the viewer is for now very basic.

When I use the share function from other NC apps (e.g. Gallery, Calendar, PhoneTrack), the share links I get are like this:

Ok thanks @Shamp0o. Probably the logic I use to get the app URL is not right then, I’ll check that.

@Shamp0o could you give a try to the last version and see if it works for you?

The URLs are working now. Great stuff.
However, now I’m just getting plain text. No rendered markdown whatsoever.

Btw, is there any way to remove shares or to get share-links of previous shares at this point?

Could you check the source code and see what's the url of markdown-it please?

This gives me another 404

changing it to gives me the js file