Joplin was broken. How to recover notes?

Hello and sorry for my bad English! Today, after my PC was go to reboot (after death windows blue screen) with active programm - she was broken and wipe all my notes. I have an encrypted backup, but i can’t restore it, I don’t understand where to upload encryption keys from the folder Joplin .resource and how add to programm all my notes (they all in .md format) and etc. All files, when i try added, is encrypted and instead of text - they contain only random characters ;( I use search by forum, but my English is so bad that I don’t understand anything in their results… Please help! Thanks.

Also, how i can wipe wrong (system create new keys) master-keys and add my?

What you have is the data from the sync target, so you need to put that on whatever you are using for sync (Dropbox, Nextcloud, etc.), then sync your clients with it.

I was find solution (apparently because of a system failure - the program is stopped normally working) - reinstall program, wipe directory in C:\Users\User.config\joplin-desktop and install again. Only after that the Joplin normally synchronized with the cloud and unblock all notes... Maybe it can help other users :slight_smile: