Joplin-vscode-plugin roadmap

Release 0.6.0

  • feat: support waking up extensions with search shortcuts c+j,c+o
  • chore: remove separate eslint configuration file from project, fix vscode environment variable not using NODE_ENV
  • fix: fix setup/build errors in modules
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Excellent work. Your plugin belongs to my daily drivers.

I would like to ask, if it is possible to search notes by tag.

Of course, the plugin supports all searches supported by joplin itself. For example, you can search for notes tagged with javascript by typing #javascript

That helps a lot. Thank you very much!

Another reminder, c+j,c+o search shows the last 20 notes edited by default. Most of the time, it should be possible to continue editing with the previously modified notes. Secondly, you can open many notes at the same time, and rely on the function of vscode itself to help edit and manage the notes

The functions that a full editor should have, including column editing, multiple editors in parallel, search and replace, formatting, folding, jump to the upper and next editing positions (it is so many that I can't fully enumerate it, Because it is so real and super powerful that it is suitable for programmers)

I also recommend you to take a look at these plugins, I recommend using them with this plugin


Release 0.7.0

Major update

Note that this release is a very big change and strongly depends on joplin 2.8 beta an api update

Specific list

  • feat: Remove programProfilePath configuration, download resources via joplin api
  • refactor: no longer force title update when updating resources
  • fix: fix the bug that the title is forced to be renamed after the resource is modified
  • feat: support open resource, fix the sidebar will lose focus when click current note
  • feat: Implement editing resources (not finished)
  • fix: Fix the bug that resources can't be clicked immediately after they are created.
  • fix: fix the bug that the link inserted automatically when creating resources is wrong
  • fix: Fix the bug that mouse hovering and clicking jump to internal links and resources
  • fix: Fix the problem that image resources cannot be previewed.
  • fix: Fix the bug that you can't jump to the referenced notes in notes
  • refactor: use chokidar without binary dependencies instead of @parcel/watcher
  • refactor: no longer use NoteActionApi
  • refactor: some simple refactoring
  • (tag: joplin-blog@0.7.2) chore: remove nx, upgrade some dependencies
  • refactor: refactor directories and unit tests, move them to the right place
  • chore: replace rollup with esbuild for better performance
  • docs: update documentation, add links to online sites
  • feat:


Excellent! True note names works, and is a tremendous improvement.

Just a hint! Showing the true name is working only, if the note is opened from within VSCODE (eg Ctrl+j Ctrl+o).

It does not work, when opened from within Joplin with the "Edit in External Editor (startExternalEditing)" command.

It does not work, when opened from within Joplin with the "Edit in External Editor (startExternalEditing)" command.

Yes, still can't handle this case as this is joplin's own behavior

Release 0.7.1

Note: This is also an incompatible update, requiring the vscode version to be updated to 1.66.2 (the latest version), mainly due to changing the bundle's target to es2017, which requires a higher version of nodejs

  • feat: update the minimum compatible version of vscode to 1.66.2 (the latest version)
  • refactor: remove axios dependency, refactor with fetch (reduce bundle size by about 50k)

Release 0.7.2

The main function update is to add a new configuration item baseUrl. Currently, the base Url can be used to set the base path of the joplin api. The default is http://localhost:41184, but it can be modified to a remotely installed joplin instance.

Currently testing done using joplin cli in wsl

Release 0.7.5

Major update

Fixed the file monitor error caused by emptying the temporary notes and resource directories when vscode is started, so that only the last vscode window can properly monitor the update of notes, because of this problem I lost a note, please update to v0.7.5.


  • chore: add license to avoid prompting every time you pack
  • fix: fix file monitor bug caused by emptying the temporary directory when starting the plugin
  • refactor: Refactor the jump function related to the joplin note link

ref: Release joplin-vscode-plugin@0.7.5 · rxliuli/joplin-utils · GitHub


Release 0.7.6

  • feat: add winston logging to avoid feedback problems
  • fix: fix the bug that temporary notes and resource directories are not created when the plugin is initialized
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Release 0.7.7, this version is officially synchronized to the vscode extension store, please be sure to update to joplin 2.8, otherwise the editing function of attachment resources may not be available

  • Fixed a bug where complex svg icons used could not be displayed in vscode

Release 0.7.8, the main update is better support for editing attachments. Due to some errors, it is impossible to use ctrl+click to complete this thing, so first provide another way to do this thing, if this problem occurs later If there is any progress, we will continue to release updates, please refer to:

  • feat: Fix the bug that panel cannot be hidden by ctrl+j,ctrl+j
  • feat: Support editing specified resources directly with shortcut keys

edit resource


Baidu brain map really works well, thanks a lot for implementing this feature.
Because their own flowcharts, whiteboards and other notes, are used in SVG format in order to be repeatedly modified. I would like to ask, can this tool identify and distinguish the software used to create the SVG file and use the corresponding tool to open it?

Currently, it supports opening drawio.svg/km.svg with the corresponding extension, if there are other extensions that need to be supported, please let me know

Thanks for the timely reply.
Since vscode has the Excalidraw plugin, but the default is not svg format, I don't know if it is possible to automatically save and call svg format.
If it can be achieved, it seems to solve the problem of recording with a pen to some extent Drawing with a pen - #55 by zblesk

Release 0.7.9, the plugin should be supported now, can you install the plugin manually and try it? (not yet published to the store)

  • feat: Support excalidraw plug-in to open whiteboard images



That's awesome, this drawing with a pen problem seems to have been solved for the most part, and this plugin has opened up a new world for joplin. Thank you very much.
I'll get home later to do specific testing, if there are bugs will be promptly feedback to you.
In addition, I have a bold idea, I do not know if it can be achieved, because the insertion of SVG is largely not only convenient to repeatedly modify, but also want to be able to easily search the text content of the image.
My own idea is that I can copy a copy of the SVG code to the notes simultaneously, and do it hidden, simply to facilitate the search. Although it does not look smart, but reduce the OCR.
Of course, it would be better if there is a more clever way to implement search.
Anyway, very satisfied now. Looking forward to more updates.

I'm really sorry, I wasn't able to test it successfully, I don't know what went wrong.
My procedure is as follows.

  1. Upgrade joplin to 2.88, upgrade vscode to 1.67.1
  2. Install the joplin-vscode-plugin0.7.9 you gave in vscode
  3. Use the excalidraw in vscode to draw a diagram and save it as SVG on the desktop
  4. Drag this SVG diagram into joplin's test notes
  5. open this test note in vscode, ctrl+mouse click on the attachment
    But there is no response. There is no prompt.
    I think it should be a wrong operation, but I don't know where the problem is, I hope to be corrected. Or you can write a simple tutorial if it is convenient, thanks.