Joplin + Tresorit?

Hi! Does Joplin sync work with Tresorit?

This seems like a basic quesiton but I havent found it posed previously. I want to leave Evernote, and Joplin seems like a pretty good alternative, for syncing with a Mac computer and android phone. I'm already paying a hefty sum for Tresorit so I hoped I would be able to use it for syncing Joplin, but can't find any info on this so guess it does not work.. I don't know exactly what WebDAV is but understand it's a generalized method for this, but googling Tresorit + WebDAV I got the answer the WebDAV is not supported by Tresorit...

Anyone knows? Thanks!

Does Tresorit sync with your hard drive? In that case you make it sync with a particular folder on your computer, then setup Joplin to sync with that same folder.

Yes it syncs with the hard drive - so the computer side would work I guess, but I would need it to work on my android phone also...

On the phone, the only solution that actually places the files on the device storage and does proper two-way synchronisation is Syncthing. There are also some 3rd party apps that can do similar for popular cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. I don't think there is anything like that for Tresorit though.

So back to my question - using Joplin with Tresorit and syncing computer/phone does not seem possible? The Tresorit off-line folder on my phone seems hidden or restricted, so I don't think Joplin can be pointed there...

Yes, with just Tresorit, it's impossible to do this on the phone.

Do you mean that Syncthing might make it possible to link Joplin with Tresorit? (To avoid having to pay for a second cloud service.)

Yeah, you can keep Tresorit to sync with your PC, and then you can install Syncthing on the PC and on the phone, and sync just the Joplin folder between the two. The caveat is that being P2P software, you do need to keep the PC running in order for the synchronisation to happen (i.e. there is no "cloud" with Syncthing).

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Ok, now I get it, thank you. But if I don't keep the PC running, will it not still be able to sync everytime I start the computer? (Then it would not be a problem I think - if first taking notes on the phone, whenever switching from phone to computer the sync will happen...?)

It will as long as you set Syncthing up to start automatically. There is just a higher risk of conflicts if you don't keep them synced with one another all the time.

Just for information, if you do decide to use Syncthing for this, I'd advise to stick to the "macOS application bundle" listed at It's much easier to install and configure out of the box than the bare Syncthing binary.

Thank you! This seemed to work more or less but very slow first synch, and it also seems like a risky and shaky and slow solution in general. Finally I gave up and went back to the free version of Evernote. They make it more and more annoying to use to try to force me to pay, but also raising the price making me not want to pay. Maybe I'll make another try at migrating later on...

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