Joplin terminal - not i sync if date is wrong

I deleted a lot of my notes and notebooks in linux app.
Everything looks fine in sync with adnroid, ios and windows apps.
Syncing goes with ooption 5 / nextcloud.

But the console app has not the newest information, also there a notebooks listed i have delete for a few days.

The solution was simple, but maybe some dev need to now that.
My raspberry pi time was wrong, so i need a ntp update and a new sync.
Maybe that can be checked in future versions?

Cheers Tatoosh

As with all syncing solutions synchronized time on all clients is not only paramount, but a requirement.

So what check are you talking about? Determining if your local time is in sync with an ntp server? Joplin ususally does not connect to the outside world (unless requested in settings), thus I am against adding such a check.

This is an important philosophy that I think Joplin should maintain. But perhaps it could be an option, default to disabled?

Syncing is a most important feature, but at the same time it seems to cause many problems and confusion, and a lot of recovery work on the part of the user. I’m not saying this would solve it, but maybe it would help? Or is there something else we can do?

just a hint, that the local time differs to much from a server sync time.

@mic704b I’m ok with an option, but it’s @laurent’s decision. On the other side, every person should know that correct time is crucial for many things in IT, especially sync. I’m not quite convinced that we are responsible for a correct system setup.

@tatoosh testing the time on the sync server might be a bit complicated, although that would go without an option, since we already have that connection. Maybe creating a remote file and testing the timestamp againt the local time would work. But all these things are a mess. Timezones, latency, … And what do you do with a filesystem sync? Depending on how that is shared it could be a server or client representation of the real date of the file on the share.

i think you’re right @tessus, maybe a a big hint in the FAQ is enough

More than happy to accept a PR for such an entry. :wink: