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my joplin notes on both linux joplin and android joplin all gone.
it is encrypted. sync ed to dropbox with 20 days history.

android device failed to receive sync ed note from dropbox.. got conflict..
i was thinking since my linux jopin still got all data, i just delete all android joplin data so that i can resync the data from dropbox..

when i was not paying attention, linux joplin data also all gone.. :cold_sweat:

shld be able to recover right ? since it has 20 days history.

i shld have known better not to waste my morning doing the encryption. :disappointed_relieved:

If you’ve deleted all your data, and didn’t make any backup first then the data is gone. Maybe from Dropbox history you can recover something but it might not be so easy.

i just deleted on android side, but linux side all data was there and good.

how to recover .. anyway ?
that's why i hate sync thing without manual control , telling the devices which shld be sync to *(which is master copy or newest copy). master copy over sync over older copy

i have set to disable encyrption on linux joplin… why i have only 2 test notes in linux joblin, but when it sync, it shows:
updated remove item: 23… 24 …and counting ?
why 2 notes (because all notes on my linux joblin also all gone) yet updated remote item : 44 and still counting ?

this is screenshot from android joplin now

what can i do ?

You’ve deleted your data, what do you want to do? If it’s still somewhere, like desktop, export it as JEX and reimport/resync. But if it’s gone it’s gone.

i have only deleted on android joplin, i kept linux joplin data intact…
don’t know how the sync thing of joplin works… how can i expect what it gonna automate by itself ?

there are bunch of files on dropbox… thinking it is my files and the history copies of my notes… so no worries… how am i to know now the sync data are kept ?
however inside the deleted file of dropbox, i did saw some file deleted 2 hours ago, and deleted 4 hrs ago… which i didn’t delete any file on dropbox. should be automated by joplin sync itself.

what can i do to recover my data that are still in the deleted folder of dropbox (deleted 2 hrs ago).
how can i see what are those data files that are still remain in dropbox ? so that i know to remove or to keep.
what should i do to joplin sync on both linux and android, so that it will not further sync the wrong thing |

may i know why joblin sync can’t be done on the entire note of the proper format and content ? so that at anytime, user can pull it from dropbox and open directly in joblin note ? it is much safer and easier to recover incase anything happen such as this.

ah… i just restore grab all the files from dropbox, and open it one by one on joplin… and there they are… still in fact.
(i got only 4 notes being sync in joplin)
one *.md file among so many *.md file from dropbox, consist of all my 4 notes intact…
now they are in my joplin. just the question is how to sync it up. with all those junk files created in dropbox joplin folder.

i deleted all files in dropbox including the 3 folders…
with all my 4 notes in linux joplin, i tried to sync it back to dropbox… but what a joke… instead of sync file to dropbox, it delete by joplin notes again… lol what on earth … uncrontrollable sync

Ever tried giving a shot to understanding how the sync works?

i don’t get you, is there anything about sync that is apart from sync of what changes on my note ? if you would explain to me, it would be great, i might have misunderstood… i can’t learn everything in my head… enough to do daily.

if you do explain… i would ready to listen.

I think what you are missing is that the sync occurs in both directions, ie, from the sync target to local directory and vice-versa. Also, the later changes are applied over the older changes.
Therefore, when you deleted the files from Dropbox, the deletion was the later change. As a consequence, on syncing, the files from your desktop got deleted as well.
The sync is not uncontrollable or un-intuitive. Rather, you shouldn’t be deleting files without knowing the consequences.

isn’t it better if user can specify, this is the master copy, overwrite the rest with this… and bam… the correct version goes to data server and wrong version on all devices be overwritten .

what happened if user changed the note on both devices ? for example, i changed my note on my android, but the android currently is not wifi or mobile data capable… (i save my mobile data volume because hav limited).
then the user forgot about it, and started change the same note on laptop…
so, which copy of note supersede which ?
does it capable of tracing into the note for the changed portion and update the changed portion into the data server ? i believe that’s what “git” is…

that’s is one part of multi sync that worries me when i deal with sync of multiple devices…

pls correct me if i am wrong … cheers

The moment you make an edit in a note, it becomes the "master" copy, thus achieving exactly as you suggest. I really wonder if you actually read my previous post.

If you turn off mobile data and wifi, then no sync will occur since there is no internet. Sync does not magically occur over thin air. Also as far as I can tell apps like YouTube and social media apps consume the most data. Just close those apps rather than cutting off data all together.

The edits on the phone will remain in the phone. The version you see on the laptop will be without those edits. When you turn on data on your phone, the edits on the laptop will supersede the edits on the phone.
Honestly, at this point I am forced to believe that either you do not read any of the replies you get here or you absolutely refuse to think before asking questions. It is okay to go on like this for a while, but after that it just gets annoying.

As far as the user is concerned, no. There is no support for "merge conflicts" and no plans for including that because conflicts don't arise the way people normally use note-taking-apps.

That most certainly not what Git is. Git is a version-control system (VCS). It is not a sync mechanism. Joplin uses sync, not VCS. If you use use Git like a sync system, then you are up for a lot of trouble.

There are no worries. There are many many people who use Joplin in multiple devices without much of a hiccup. While critical thinking and commentary is highly encouraged, please do not take it to a point where it beings to hurt you.

Won’t this create a conflict?

I don’t think this is true. Otherwise, why even have a concept of a conflict.

There are enough reports of broken sync here on the forum and on GitHub.

@roman_r_m There is no conflict resolution actually (at least I can’t see any). I tried the following:

  1. Created a note, “Test” on my desktop and wrote “First line”
  2. Hit the sync button (I am using Dropbox, without encryption)
  3. Opened the Android app and hit the sync button
  4. Turned off WIFI and mobile data
  5. Added a line from Android in “Test”: “Android second line”
  6. Added a line from Desktop in “Test”: “Desktop second line”
  7. Hit sync from the desktop
  8. Turned on WIFI in phone
  9. Hit sync in Android

In my phone the line “Android second line” is gone and “Desktop second line” appears.

So the Git feature of “merge conflict” is not there and I don’t think it is really necessary here. You may differ in your opinion however.