Joplin statistics with pie chart

Hi all! I have great idea: Joplin statistics with pie chart from mermaid-js!

Joplin statistics

  • Total Windows downloads: 2.574.084
  • Total macOs downloads: 997.510
  • Total Linux downloads: 806.116
  • Windows: 59%
  • macOS: 23%
  • Linux: 18%
image 1

image 2

image 3



pie showData
    title Joplin Downloads by OS
    "Windows" :  59
    "MacOs" : 23
    "Linux" : 18


@laurent @Daeraxa @dpoulton @personalizedrefriger Hi! what do you think of these ideas?

Does Github Markdown accept Mermaid code and, even if it did, would it be possible to automate this?

Regardless of the practicalities, the statistics do not actually tell you much. I assume that these are just downloads, so it would include people who are upgrading or installing multiple times. Also it does not include mobile clients or those clients packaged by others (flatpak etc.).

I have no say in the matter and I am unsure why I was tagged above, but personally I feel that making charts of this data wouldn't actually add any value or benefit. My opinion is that the current text version is adequate for the value of the information it represents.


Please don't @ mention people unless you really need to, especially not a shotgun approach for a new topic - people will see it when they see it.

I believe it does now as of earlier this year - at least on GH itself

I agree with the above comment, I don't think it really adds much as there aren't exactly many stats to start with for it to be clarified with a chart.