Joplin screenshot plugin keeps making new notes per screenshot. How to solve this issue?

This is tedious and doesn't feels right. I want-:

1)screenshots saved as notes to only 1file.

  1. It would be nice to be able to highlight the notes while saving them.

Like, as in, using the screenshot feature of the webclipper? No, there's no way to change the default behaviour, of creating a new note. There's also no highlighter functionality as of yet, though I'm sure some people would enjoy that

That said, you could probably use some snippet app that includes annotations (this is built into modern OSX and Windows OSes), and then drag/drop that image into the note you want to house files

If you're using the Joplin desktop application on Windows - you could simply download Greenshot, it's free, safe, easy but powerful.

Simply hit the Printscreen key, draw a rectangle area: the image goes to the clipboard.
Paste it (CTRL+V) in a Joplin note. You then can paste as many other screenshots in the same note, or anywhere you wish.
You can also add arrows, highlight zones or hide sensitive information, etc.


This is kind what I was saying, except that there's a snippet tool already built into windows:

On OSX there is basically the same thing. Both oses offer keybinds this, as well as advanced annotation / highlight stuff

I'm an Win 7 user here - there's no such snippet in the system :wink:

If you opened my link, yes, there is snipping tool for windows 7. It should be available in the start menu

I didn't know - I tried, but it's a pure pain (at least in Win 7) compared to Greenshot. Anyway, thanks for the info.

I just figured out the easy way. Take a snipshot with "snipping tool" in windows. And then you can just press Ctrl+V to paste the image into joplin(It is copied to clipboard). Sth that I would like to add would be the facility of writing comments in snips.

Currently I am writing comments by pasting it in joplin itself

Snapshot and paste, it's what I wrote above, yes.

To write comments, it's possible, use Greenshot, see above also?