Joplin-ruby version 1.0.1 - create epub

Joplin ruby gem

I created a new version of the joplin ruby gem 1.0.1

I've added some new features. The most notable that I'm personally finding useful is the ability to create epubs from joplin notes. This uses the pandoc binary so it must be installed in the path.

If you want to try it out, it's pretty simple. Just gem install joplin

I haven't tested this on any other platform than macos, but if you have a ~/.config/joplin-desktop folder which is setup, it will extract your token automatically and use it.

how to generate an epub

  1. create a note or notes containing the book information
  2. create a note which contains the info for the book and create a markdown link to the page. You can create as many markdown links as you'd like. you can also add meta data
  3. you can download an image to use for a cover, and reference it later
  4. go to note info and copy the note id
  5. run joplin epub <noteid> to generate the epub


I used the webclipper to save the contents of Mastering Roda into a note.

then I created a note that looks like this:

title: Mastering Roda
author: Federico Iachetti
rights:   Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
language: en-US
cover-image: resources/770ee57b6add4de18664625d01107009

[Mastering Roda](:/ca267a317fa544f99f559040696f1cae)


the [Mastering Roda] link is the internal joplin link and the cover is just a link to a resource contained in the book.

Note the yaml section which is used to generate the epub. See more here: Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide

for cover-image you need to use the format resources/<resource id> but you can also use a path anywhere on your filesystem

In joplin, my note looks like this:

Here's a result of the book
Mastering Roda.epub (1.4 MB)


What are the specific steps for installing and using the updated Joplin Ruby gem for EPUB generation? Can I use it in myfedloan project?

just gem install joplin

it's not perfect. I noticed some issue with images not showing up on kindle, but it works in all the previewers.

notes here too