Joplin Portable Deleting External Edits

Joplin Portable is deleting Joplin document content. How to reproduce, on Windows 7:

  • Install Typora locally.
  • Download Joplin Portable to c:\temp.
  • Run Joplin Portable.
  • Click in the rendered-content pane.
  • Press Ctrl-E to edit in Typora.
  • Type a character and press Ctrl-S in Typora. Exit Typora.
  • The document is now empty back in Joplin.

Note: When I return to Joplin from Typora, Joplin still says “Watching…” in the external editor button. There is no typora.exe still running. This problem does not happen if I configure Notepad++ to be the external editor.

That’s a pretty serious bug.

Same bug on Mac (joplin 1.0.138) for Typora, Sublime and VS Code. (I have reinstalled joplin 1.0.135 and resolved the problem. ‘Version <= 1.0.135’ is fine).

Must be Typora specific. I don’t see this behavior on macOS., Joplin 1.0.127, and Sublime Text.

I deleted and re-installed Typora and the problem seems to be cured.