Joplin + Nextcloud (Windows 10 and Android 10)

Windows 10
Android 10
Joplin 1.0.336
Nextcloud 3.13.0 over Cloudamo storage

I’m trying since a few days to synchronise my Joplin with NextCloud over Cloudamo where I have 3GB free.NextCloud and Cloudamo are synchronised but I can’t manage to synchronise Joplin with that storage. I’ve tried on the android and on my pc.

I’ve used this url:

And I’ve created already the folder “joplin” inside NextCloud.

Could you help me out?
Thank you very much in advance

From that URL it does not seem clear how your Cloudamo account can be differentiated from any other Cloudamo account as the username appears to be a username within your personal Nextcloud instance.

Try going to the “Files” app in Nextcloud and selecting “Settings” (1). Then base your sync URL on whatever is shown in the “WebDav” field (2).

I would give this url a try:
And then authenticate using with username and password.