Joplin mobile apps to avoid screen lock when syncing?

I personally order the screen lock of my mobile devices to kick in, when there is no action for 1 minute or so - just to save battery.

Using this setting, I find it difficult to ensure that the mobile device always remains active during ‘long’ syncs in order for Joplin to sync correctly. Background updating is missing.

But iI I understand, background updating is too difficult to implement. Would it be possible for the Joplin app to always be in the foreground when syncing instead? Just like streaming apps do when they're playing: the screen stays active, it doesn't dim while the video plays, and the screen lock doesn't kick in.

Just a thought while waiting for a sync when using Joplin on my iPad :wink:.

Great suggestion to avoid sync conflicts! It doesn't help you to avoid "waiting for a sync" on iOS though. IMHO background sync is desperately needed to attract more users for whom mobile devices are a daily driver.