Joplin log file growing without limit

My root HDD recently died suddenly. I decided to use the opportunity to upgrade linux mint from V20 to v21. I had daily backups and when I restored "home" I noticed that the joplin log file was 19gb. I deleted it. I reinstalled Joplin and when I started it recognized the config info and I was able to sync with full recovery.

Two weeks later I checked the log file again and found it had grown to 20837 entries in that time.

Sample Entries (last two in file). All the rest are similar.
2023-06-01 10:23:58: Synchronizer: "Sync: fetchingProcessed: Processing fetched item"
2023-06-01 10:23:58: Synchronizer: "Sync: createLocal: remote exists but local does not: (Remote"

I don't know if this may be involved but a few months ago installed Joplin for Android on my tablet and set it to sync with the same dropbox location. It reported downloading 7800 entries but only displayed four random pages with no tree. After playing with it for a few days I gave up and uninstalled. This was disappointing because I had purchased a new Samsung tablet to replace my old "chinese no brand" Android 4 tablet just to be able to share my Joplin files.

For now all I've been able to do is to write a script that will delete the Joplin log file once a week.

Joplin is my "peripheral brain" and is running any time my computer is running.

Can anyone give me a clue what to do about this?

joplin 2.10.18 (prod, linux)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 42
Keychain : no
Email note: 1.2.2
Home note: 1.0.4
Backup/sync via dropbox
Linux Mint 21.1

Android v13

In a previous post a user suggested using logrotate on Linux and provided a conf file that "will rotate weekly (and compress) every log file found in /home/user/.config/joplin-desktop/ and keep 4 old files".

OK. On Windows, I've potentially got 3 files that appear to be log files, log.txt, log-autupdater.txt and log-clipper.txt all in the Joplin-desktop folder. My log.txt file begins with the purchase of this computer over 2 years ago. I like to keep things clean, so would it make sense to exit joplin completely, then zip the 3 files into an archive and then startup Joplin again, expecting that the logs would just startup again without issue. Is there a downside to doing this? I sync with Joplin cloud.

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