Joplin installers possessed?

I have about 200GB of old installers including 95 (about 19GB) of Joplin's going back to v1.0.103. I can copy most of these "exe" and "msi" files anywhere I want except for Joplin's. Those cause Windows 10 Pro to hang the moment I attempt to drag one of them.

I can grab the Joplin folder and drop it anywhere I want but even after this copy if I select one of the installers from the new location Windows hangs. Drag the folder to a USB stick and all is well but then select one of the installers and Windows hangs. Makes no difference which Joplin installer I try for, Windows hangs.

And it's only the Joplin installers that cause the problem. Any other file from the NAS will copy perfectly. I moved everything off the NAS onto a spare drive on my system and Windows hangs if I try to copy one of the Joplin installers from the new location. I reformatted the NAS drive, copied everything back with zero problems and it's fine until I try to grab one of the Joplin files from the new drive. Copy the folder, no problem. Copy any individual (or multiples) file and Windows hangs.

And it's only Joplin setup files that cause this and if I use a browser to copy the file using the Synology DSM it works perfectly. It's only Windows that hangs the moment you start to drag a Joplin setup file.

Also, it makes no difference which Windows 10 system I use. My Surface Pro does exactly the same thing.

I've tried copying a Joplin 2.14.20 installer from Downloads to Documents and running it. It works for me, but I'm on Windows 11.

One possibility is that this is related to the type of installer Joplin creates. Joplin uses Electron Builder's NSIS option to create Windows installers (see packages/app-desktop/package.json). However, from a very brief internet search, I haven't seen anything about NSIS installers failing to launch after copying between folders or hanging Windows.