Respect the note dates and times when exporting

It will be very helpful if the Joplin cli exporter exports the files with the correct date and time ie the original dates of the notes. As of now all the notes are exported with the current time which makes sorting such data harder later.

I am not a developer so I would not know how this can be implemented as suggested by another commenter.

which date is the developer to select "for all user needs" ?
date created, date modified, date exported, etc.

Any date is better than all the exported notes having the same file date and time after the export. It makes it useless in the file system. I have lkike 5000 notes that are created almost around the same minutes after the export.

Knowing when a file was created can also be useful in some contexts. The actual note dates are in the file itself if you export as Markdown+FrontMatter

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