Joplin freezing on startup [Linux Mint 21 MATE]

Symptoms: When starting Joplin, a white frame takes over the entire screen and after a few moments the Joplin window appears but not in full size (occupying only one third of the screen.) The GUI session becomes unresponsive, though keyboard still works.

Joplin version: 2.9.17 (AppImage)
OS version: Linux Mint 21 MATE

In order to regain control of my GUI session, I have to switch to terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F7) and kill all Joplin processes. ps shows Joplin processes with type=zygote and enable-crashpad.

I've had this happen before and my fix was to delete .config/joplin-desktop. That means syncing everything from my cloud notes all over again, though, and I'd rather not do that every time.

Log does not show anything out of the ordinary, just synchronization and decryption events.

EDIT (additional info): Starting Joplin from a terminal results in the behavior above, but terminating the session (Ctrl-C) and running Joplin again results in a correctly functioning session. However, the next time I start Joplin, it's back to the frozen white frame.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

I'm having a very similar issue with Joplin 2.9.17 Appimage on Mint 19.3 MATE.
Until today it only happened once and after killing the Joplin process over a terminal connection it was fine. Today it's been more persistent. Changing the Joplin window to fullscreen seems to make a difference if you can get it to respond. I haven't tried deleting .config/joplin-desktop as that seems a little dramatic.

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