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Joplin doing good in terms of search speed

Not the top results but still honorable:


Link to their testing method:


Nice! I wonder what difference it makes if goto anything is taken into account (assuming they used the notelist search box).

I find the goto anything to be almost instant.

I assume it wouldn't change the performance much since GotoAnything's results also come from the search engine.

Nice! I was curious about the website behind this benchmark. It's worth noting (haha) that it is sponsored by Amplenote, but it does a generally fair job of reviewing the market. Nevertheless, I think that many of Joplin's features that are currently listed as missing can be argued to exist as part of the plugin system. The website is open to corrections, if you notice additional features that I missed.

Native features: export: note links, note reminder (if converted to a to do), tasks: embeddable content, tasks: priority (via tags / notebooks).

Plugin features: math calculator (via Math Mode), graph view (via Link Graph UI), kanban board (via Kanban), backlinks (via Automatic Backlinks), lookup notes to link out (via Quick Links), turn selected text into a note link (via Convert Text To New Note), table: formulas (via Markdown Table Calculations), table: sortable rows (via Markdown Table: Sortable), tasks: global view (via Note Overview), foldable headers (via Folding in Code Mirror Editor), PDF: Content indexed in search (via Resource Search Plugin), image: text extraction (via OCR), daily notes (via Templates), spaced repetition (via Joplin Anki Sync).

Features not considered by website that should be added: self hosting and 3rd party cloud sync. diagram support (Mermaid, PlantUML).

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