Cannot sync on nextcloud : "FetchError : invalid response body at /.sync/version.txt"

Joplin version : 1.0.173 (prod, win32)
OS : Windows 10 Home

Joplin error :
“Completed: 12/11/2019 15:28
Last error: FetchError: invalid response body at: reason: unexpected end of file”

Hello, I was syncing on windows, Android and Linux. I might have changed the webdav address from http to https on windows. Since then, I cannot sync anymore : error message above.

I did the following :

  • unsynced all my devices (->local file)
  • uninstalled Joplin on windows
  • deleted the joplin folder on nextcloud,
  • created a new JoplinApp folder on nextcloud
  • Sync again in this new folder with webdav.
    Same error message !

I also have a nextcloud error concerning this file :
“JoplinApp/.sync/version.txt: The downloaded file is empty despite that the server announced it should have been 1B.”

What should I do ?


I’ll try with a simpler question : how can I do a clean uninstall on Windows, Android, Linux and Nextcloud in order to start a new Joplin install and sync from scratch ?
I tried the uninstall/install on windows but it kept my files and settings.
Nextcloud still has the hidden /.sync/version.txt file that’s failing to synchronize
I don’t know how to remove joplin on ubuntu (I used the wget script)


You need to delete ~/.config/joplin-desktop to clear the local data.