Joplin cloud plans, Pro share vs Team users

Sorry if this doesn't sport the right tag; I didn't find something like 'share' or 'plan'...

I understand that with a Pro plan, I can share parts of a notebook with other people, possibly various separate parts.

Now I need to better understand the difference with the 'manage multiple users' feature of the Team plan.

With the Pro plan, I understand sharing

  • requires the other user to be also on Joplin cloud (not on any other cloud),
  • then s/he will be able to co-edit any subnotebook I 'offer' (and only these)
  • and all of this only if s/he also registered a Pro plan : this correct?

Or would for instance a Basic plan user be allowed to share my Pro notebook (when invited)?

In my use case, me and spouse are separately using two distinct books (currently hosted on Dropbox), but would appreciate some subnotebooks to be common.

For this, do I need to buy one Pro plan and one Basic, or two Pros, or maybe one single Team plan would allow us the scenario above?

Thank you!

[Joplin 2.8.8 Desktop Linux Debian + Android 2.8.1 on /e/OS]

In order to share a notebook with someone else, both you and the other person will indeed need to have a Pro account. You also have the option to take a Team account, but based on your description it doesn't seem that you would need the extra features (which come at an extra cost).

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Thank you Laurent for this quick answer!

Ah, I didn't see the small star on the Team account pricing, I thought with just one Team account I could create two users.
So indeed for two persons to collaborate that raises the bar to above 100€/year. That's not the amount as much as continueing after that I'm concerned with (while I definitely wish to fund, I'm retired...)

If I get two Pros for one year then cannot afford the next one I'd need to switch (e. g. back to two Basic users, or even worse, two Dropbox accounts :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:).

-> In such a case what happens with the shared notebooks?

Would they just turn back to ordinary subnotebooks that start living separately on each account?
Is that behavior different if landing on a Basic account or on an 'external' host à la Dropbox/Nextcloud? (like, inherited share may remain shared on Basic...)


Yes in that case, they will just appear as ordinary notebooks. I haven't run that much tests with this though, so if you notice some glitch please let me know.

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Last question : Assuming I start with a specific plan, can I upgrade easily to the next one?
By 'easily' I mean without saving backups, changing server references or waiting for the ongoing term end...
-ideally I go to the 'plans' website and pay the difference... I imagine there is an issue with somehow the prorata of the already paid previous plan; maybe this is a reason to prefer monthly subscription rather than a full year to start?

Oh, and separate from this : is there a way to donate to Joplin, other than the cloud plans?

Yes transition from one account type to another is handled properly, and subscription cost is updated at a prorata. Only issue is when going from Pro to Basic, because storage capacity is lower, but that can be solved by deleting some notes or attachments.

Yes, any support is welcome!

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OK, as I need to think a bit more about clouds & their location I donated through Github :slightly_smiling_face:

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