Trouble Collaborating or Sharing Notebooks

Version 2.12.15
Windows 10

Hello, new user. A friend and I have the Basic Plan for Joplin Cloud. It synchronizes our notes across our own devices. We cannot share with each other though. We have the option to Share Notebooks when we right-click on a Notebook but when we enter each other's e-mail addresses we get the response, "The sharing feature is not enabled for this account."

The Basic Plan says "Collaborate on a notebook with others." It also says that we cannot "Share a notebook with others."

Why does buying the Basic Plan activate the option to Share Notebooks but we cannot actually do so? How do we collaborate if we cannot share notebooks?

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Hello, with a Basic account you can be a recipient of a share, so a Pro account can share a notebook with you. However you cannot share your own notebooks with someone else. That's what is meant by "Collaborate on a notebook with others".

But also the option to share a notebook shouldn't be visible in the UI so there's probably a bug there.

I've created an issue for it:

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