Joplin Cannot Synchronization to the Alibaba Cloud OSS


I am using Joplin automatic synchronization feature to synchronize all the data of my notes to Alibaba Cloud OSS using S3 protocol, but the following error occurs:

Completed: 2023.06.01 13:05 (21s)
Last error: TypeError: Failed to construct 'URL': Invalid URL

Joplin Infomation

Joplin 2.10.19 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 120dbd8a89a14e009ca7d351220de092
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 42
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 1100ab0

Configure Files

// setting.json
	"$schema": "",
	"locale": "zh_CN",
	"api.token": "ef24398caf711d5901a1187f0caf8ec54e57f9be7ad7729573c31ce0058dd0bae5efe5c5e268ea43032881b4555519fcd00571e813b58c05d3641244d2300761",
	"markdown.plugin.softbreaks": false,
	"markdown.plugin.typographer": false,
	"spellChecker.languages": [
	"noteVisiblePanes": [
	"ui.layout": {
		"key": "root",
		"children": [
				"key": "sideBar",
				"width": 208,
				"visible": true
				"key": "noteList",
				"width": 192,
				"visible": true
				"key": "editor",
				"visible": true
		"visible": true
	"theme": 1,
	"style.editor.fontFamily": "HarmonyOS Sans SC",
	"style.editor.monospaceFontFamily": "HarmonyOS Sans SC",
	"themeAutoDetect": true,
	"preferredLightTheme": 1,
	"preferredDarkTheme": 22,
	"dateFormat": "YYYY.MM.DD",
	"": 8,
	"editor.codeView": true,
	"style.editor.contentMaxWidth": 0,
	"sync.resourceDownloadMode": "auto",
	"sync.maxConcurrentConnections": 1,
	"net.proxyEnabled": false,
	"net.proxyTimeout": 10,
	"spellChecker.enabled": false,
	"newTodoFocus": "title",
	"editor.spellcheckBeta": true,
	"trackLocation": false,
	"startMinimized": true,
	"autoUpdate.includePreReleases": false,
	"sync.8.path": "akarinliu-joplin-notes",
	"sync.8.url": "",
	"sync.8.region": "oss-cn-beijing",
	"sync.8.username": "LTAI5tAan5Zn1Fvomd89nsq9",
	"sync.8.forcePathStyle": true,
	"sync.interval": 1800

I don`t know This issues is Bug? or Just Configure Errors?

What's the alibaba's url?

The URL address is as follows:

Bucket Domain:
HTTPS: yes

And could you provide the full log?

But most likely you need to provide the full URL

I am Send you logs.
log.txt (655.4 KB)

Now is Synchronization successful, Configure file is here:
settings.json (1.5 KB)
Maybe is BUG, Joplin Not reload Configure File.

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