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What issue do you have?

I've been currently sync my notes but consistent error "invalid property format" always occurr when creating new notes and sync, and the error .md files and correct .md files are different

This is the error .md files:

Bisa atuh boos

id: 074b3ae8285c4ad48dc7c6940a5eef5b
parent_id: 5533ff109e5d4b91ac3e800fa344b4fa
created_time: 2024-02-14T03:34:21.699Z
updated_time: 2024-02-14T03:34:26.945Z
is_conflict: 0
latitude: (censored)
longitude: (censored)
altitude: 0.0000
is_todo: 0
todo_due: 0
todo_completed: 0
source: joplin
source_application: net.cozic.joplin-mobile
order: 1707881661697
user_created_time: 2024-02-14T03:34:21.699Z
user_updated_time: 2024-02-14T03:34:26.945Z
encryption_applied: 0
markup_language: 1
is_shared: 0
type_: 1

And this the correct .md file:

id: 0b3ce9cf8e994241946a090e16f0a45e
item_type: 1
item_id: a7728fa78f264f489322efbed74b1db0
item_updated_time: 1707880236662
title_diff: "[{"diffs":[[1,"1. Welcome to Joplin!"]],"start1":0,"start2":0,"length1":0,"length2":21}]"
body_diff: "[{"diffs":[[1,"# Welcome to Joplin!\\n\\nJoplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which helps you write and organise your notes, and synchronise them between your devices. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the application directly or from your own text editor. The notes are in [Markdown format] (THE FILE ARE LONG. I SHORTEN IT)
encryption_applied: 0
updated_time: 2024-02-14T03:11:11.691Z
created_time: 2024-02-14T03:11:11.691Z
type_: 13

Since then, I should make duplicate of my new notes everytime, it's works but annoys me. I've try with Syncthing and without Syncthing and the problem still occurred

This is my first time reporting problem, sorry if there lack of information

(Sorry if there any grammar mistake or else, English is not my first language)

Log file

mobile-log.txt (4.88 KB)

One of your files appears to be corrupted - it ends with just typ, when it should end with type_: 1.

You are synchronising with SyncThing then? Can you also check the file on the sync target, and does it also end this way?

Thank you for helping me

I just check sync target and it's same output as original file

I don't know of this helpful but I use VoltageOS with GrapheneOS technology that sandboxed Google Play, it is affecting Joplin with because I use limited permissions with Google Play Service on my phone?

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