It's time for us to make tables stronger

It's time for us to make tables stronger.

  1. Joplin's table is in the markdown editing area, and can only be edited in markdown language. I think it is more convenient to insert the table directly, so I have to change the editor.
  2. Joplin's table is neither beautiful nor applicable. Why should the created table be so large? I know it can be set, but it's a little troublesome, and I'm not sensitive to row height and column width data.
  3. Joplin's table does not support markdown language, which surprises me
  4. I cited the screen recording of Jopin and another software I am using.
  5. By the way, the table function of Joplin is really difficult to use and not beautiful enough. Is that what I think.
  6. If what I said is wrong, please tell me and I am willing to correct it.

This is the recording screen.