Isham - Introduction for GSoC

Hey! I’m Isham, and I’d like to contribute to Joplin for GSoC! I didn’t introduce myself upto this point because I wanted to see if I could contribute effectively, and consecutively wait for me to get used to the codebase. See here, here & here.

I have contributed to Zulip before (for GSoC 2019) and since their codebase is also written in React Native, I think I have a good amount of experience to contribute effectively – I can spend my time learning how we make the terminal application, and consecutively make features for all three platforms consistently. I’m slightly confused about this path though.

@PackElend should I go in this direction - and start contributing to this issue I am looking at, or would Joplin be benefitted more if I contributed to only one area?

My Github profile is ishammahajan.

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pretty good question :slight_smile:

Let me put it this way.
For the moment, the priority is that we get confidence in your programming skills.
Of course, it would be a smart decision, if your PRs are related to your in fields of interest

From there on we get in closer discussions, talking about the ideas/proposal.
We are aiming to have team summit tomorrow or this weekend to define the way forward.

I'll continue creating the topic for the official ideas, wherein we discuss how to have them realized.
For the time being that will be place to be.