Is it possible to use different databases for completely different subjects?

I am using Joplin 2.9.17 on windows desktop and on apple iphone and ipad. I already have a bunch of notes.
The main "problem" I have is that I wish to use Joplin for completely different subjects. I am currently using it for my general interests, but I would like to have a different database for gardening related stuff, and yet another different database for computer programming related stuff.
Is there a way to do this?

Why not create different notebooks for each topic?

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Hi! The reason is that I think it would help me, when working with the notes, to keep these things separate.
For example, I still use Evernote to keep my programming and computer-related notes. I would like to just use Joplin for everything, but it seems to me that transferring what I have in Evernote to Joplin will be a mess.

It shouldn't be, but you can make a backup as JEX before importing your notes to be sure. Each imported Evernote notebook would appear in its own notebook, which you can then reorganise as you want.

If something doesn't work with Evernote import let us know, as we try to make it as reliable as possible

There is more than one way to skin a cat (in Joplin, as it stands now). Have you considered keeping your topics separate in ...
a) different notebooks (as Laurant suggested), or
b) different profiles the way it is provided within Joplin (e.g. on a desktop explore this option by going to menu->files->switch profiles
c) different profiles completely separated (manual setup), the switching is a little more "labor", but you have more control over the results
d) running more than one instance of Joplin (on Mac, Linux, probably possible too on a PC).
One of these options should please you, no ?

There are definately use cases for different databases which are NOT covered by just using different notebooks.

Let's say, we have

  1. Clearly delimitable information collections (eg. work/home)
  2. Some devices on which we need access to ALL collections (eg. the personal PC)
  3. Other devices on which we want to have access to ONE collection, but NOT the others (home vs. work mobiles, shared PCs at work vs. at home)

There are good reasons to disallow one or more collections on devices of type 3: data security policies, sync efficiency, memory limits on the device, ...

Joplin's current approach to enable only one information collection makes it impossible to synchronise all collections with devices of type 2.

What about different profiles?

  • Work
  • Private

I don't use this, but you can specify different sync targets like different WebDav users to separate the data.

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That's a good approach that I've overlooked so far. Thanks for that!

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I am currently switching over from Evernote and starting to use different profiles for two different areas of my professional life and then my personal life as a third profile. I love the profiles option and it made all the difference for me. I've watched Joplin for a year or two...and now I'm starting to switch.


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