Is it possible to add an account verification function to protect privacy?

Is it possible to add a feature that requires an account name and password or similar verification measure after starting joplin? The verification passes before the notes can be accessed? This will protect privacy and write something from the heart, and it won't be seen by the wife.

Not currently as access would normally be controlled simply by access the local system

Thank you for your reply.

This password feature is very necessary for privacy rather than security, and of course, life safety in the home.

For example, you use joplin to record your work notes or your own views on some issues. However, this information is not suitable for your friends and family to see. If your friends and family members temporarily borrow your phone, then it is possible for this information to be seen if it does not go into verification.

OS security mechanisms are responding to external security dangers, but in most cases, we are not facing these dangers, but privacy protection between family and friends.

I tried to go to the link you posted to submit my idea, but it was locked and I couldn't reply, so I had to post it here.

If you have a search on the forums you will probably find a bunch of threads relating to it, most focus on the encryption aspect of things like the sqlite database rather than accidentally granting access to other people by lending a device but the overall effect is the same.
As the faq states, PRs are accepted but I assume it isn't of a particularly high priority right now. You can often use third party tools to password protect applications too.


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