Is it ok to raise a PR with the UI enhancements for joplin mobile

I have been fed up with the current UI for the joplin mobile version i would like to update the UI and raise a PR respectively. Please suggest me whether this enhancement a good PR.


I think that would be fine. Depending on the changes it makes, however, it might not be accepted.

To maximize the chance of such a PR being accepted, I suggest doing the following:

1. Prefer small pull requests with specific changes to a large pull request with many changes

As mentioned in Contributing to Joplin's Code, small pull requests that address a specific issue are much more likely to be accepted than larger pull requests that address many issues.

For example, a pull request that moves the "new notebook", "tags", and "configuration" buttons to a single line should be preferred to a pull request that moves these buttons to a single line and adds a "sync status" icon to the main toolbar.

2. Include a "testing plan" section in the pull request description

A section that summarizes what steps have been taken to verify that the app still works as expected can help reviewers know

  1. that the pull request has been tested manually, even if it doesn't have automated tests,
  2. what hasn't been verified and should perhaps be checked, and
  3. what platforms the code has been tested on.

Be sure to include what devices and platforms the change has been tested on — React Native can display the same Views and styles differently on different operating systems and versions.

3. Include screenshots and videos

Screenshots and videos make it easier to discuss changes made by a PR. To get additional feedback, it may also make sense to post design ideas or screenshots of a work-in-progress change here on the forum.


Thanks for the information