iPhone Editor Wish List

  • Tap on top of top screen in Markdown editor should scroll to beginning of note. This already works in Preview mode.

  • Select All should be available in Preview mode.

  • Share from Preview mode should share formatted text, not coded text.

  • When I first go into the Markdown edtor, the keyboard is not yet visible. When I scroll to get to the place where I want to begin typing or to paste copied text, the keyboard opens, and I end up being thrown to the bottom of the note. It would be nice if this were an option I could turn off to prevent ending up at the bottom.

  • Similarly, I often (but not always) have problems tapping down at the right point in the text. Often when I tap with my finger, I end up landing somewhere else. I don't know if this is anything that programming can fix, but I mention it.

  • Would like to see compact display of tags like on desktop version or in Evernotes. Or they could be added to the Properties panel.

  • Additional items for the Properties panel:
    Word count

  • Would like to see a vertical scroll bar when viewing or editing note.

  • Would like to have control over font size for both “markdown” and “edit” views as Configuration settings. If not actual point sizes, at least small, medium, and large.


Once again....

React-native does not have a proper editor. Only a faulty text input field.

As soon as there's an editor available for react-native, we will try to use it in Joplin mobile.

Not sure if anyone tried it for Joplin but there's this: react-native-markdown-editor - npm

I think this was the beta editor that crashed the Android app completely and didn't work that great on iOS either. But Laurent would know more about it.
I just remember that Laurent looked into several things, none of which really yielded a satisfactory result.

That makes sense since apparently this is the only RN markdown editor out there.

Yes that was the one. It's also based on the default RN text input, which is too buggy to build any serious editor on top.

Can you explain me something, please ? I understand why the lack of a RN editor prevents improvements of the mobile editor mode (e.g. "Tap on top of top screen in Markdown editor should scroll to beginning of note"), but I wonder if it also prevents improvements of the preview mode (e.g. "Increase preview font size"). Aren't the two issues different ? (Sorry if my question is stupid. I just try to understand.)

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