iOS font size

Hi there,
please, add an option to increase font size on iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). The current size is too small to read notes.



I agree. It would be nice to have a choice of point sizes or at least: small, medium, and large. I would consider the font size on the iPhone to be small.

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Now that I think of it, it would also be nice to have independent settings for font for both the Markdown Viewer and the Code Editor, though that's probably less important.

I agree. Current fonts are too small. Joplin is great though.

I would like to add my voice to this request. Notes are almost unreadable on iPhone 6s.

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Not what you are looking for, but someone here on the board had given me this solution a while ago :

In MD editor add

<div style="font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.3em;">

your text here with an empty line above and below


New font size is visible in both editors, but also on all devices.


Thank you, @ajay. It's not very handy though.

Thank you for the tip. This works nicely. Sorry for the delay replying. I wrongly assumed I would be notified of replies so I didn't check back.

Yes, the default font on iOS is too small. Cannot we have an option to change it?

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I also strongly agree, I have bad eye sight and the current font makes it very hard to use.

Is there any work on this? If not is it possible to contribute to this?

Sorry to revive this thread, but I believe it's still relevant, particularly because the font size of the beta editor on iOS is too small, compared to the systemwide font and the Markdown preview font. It'd be great if the beta editor font size could be increased, or some settings option is added so that users can set their preferred font size.

Try changing the systemwide font in "settings > accessibility > display & text size > larger text".

This works for me (iOS 16.2) with the default font in the beta editor (i.e. the font setting set to "Default" in Joplin's settings).

Right, but I like the systemwide font size. Only the font size in the beta editor is small compared to all the other font sizes.



I had to disable the beta editor because the font is too small.

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For me, the beta editor font size is about the same as the other text in the app (slightly smaller than the header):

Note that I also selected the "Menlo" font in settings — it seems to be slightly larger than the other fonts. With the default font,

Compare this to the default editor:

I'm using iOS 16.2 on an iPhone. Is this about the font size relative to the header bar you're noticing? If not, what version of iOS are you using? Are you using an iPad or an iPhone?

If this is the behavior you're noticing, I think it makes the most sense to slightly increase the default beta editor font size. We could also make pinch-zooming adjust the editor font size.

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Talking about the standard editor: All would be well, if font size and the space between lines would be exactly the same in editing mode as in rendered markdown mode. Unfortunately both (?) parameters seem to be slightly smaller which looks a little bit inconsistent to me.

It's a great advancement in the new version, however, that Joplin for iOS reacts to system-wide (or app-wide) font size settings!

In an ideal world, all apps would allow settings as granular as the K-9 mail app for Android where you can adjust font size for almost every conceivable text element.

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I'm noticing this issue on my iPad Pro 12.9. On my iPhone (14 Pro Max) the issue is less pronounced, but you should still be able to notice the difference when toggling between the preview and the edit screen.

The pinch-zooming implementation sounds perfect!

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It's been added! (No pinch zooming, just a setting). It should be available in a future pre-release.