iPhone does not see folders created on Mac

I have iPhone X with latest OS update, and Mac running latest Catalina, sync via Dropbox.

I have almost 30 folders/notebooks on the make with over 3,700 notes.

Sync status on Mac says that folders have been created. When I open Joplin on the iPhone there is just 1 folder containing all 3,700+ notes and none of the folders(notebooks) that are present on the Mac. Looking on dropbox is not informative to me as the names of the files in apps/Joplin are not meaningful.

So, how do I get the folders to appear on the iPhone?

It sounds like your first sync on the iPhone is not finished.
The sync cant run in the background! Don't close the app or put the device in sleep or turn the display off!

You can check the syncronisation status, total and synced items should be the should be equal and the total items should be the same on mobile and desktop.

Sync status
Mobile: Settings > SYNC Status
Desktop: Help > Syncronisation status

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Thanks Jack, that appears to be the issue. Sadly, Jpolin on the Mac appears to be hung during sync. Any ideas on how to restart the sync (without removing the app and reloading it again) :slight_smile:

You mean the sync was interrupted and and is not restarted when you run it again?
Can you post logs.
Here you can finde how you get the logfiles: https://joplinapp.org/debugging

Sorry to have been a nuisance. Revisiting the app on the Mac it now shows as sync completed. iPhone is now in the process of fetching the 3000+ notes, all the folders are there, and resources are still being fetched (at 12,000 so far).

All thanks to you, for sorting out my issue.

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