[iOS] Store joplin notes in Cryptomator

As outlined in How to store Joplin notes in Cryptomator it is possible to store Joplin notes in Cryptomator. However, I have not found a method to open notes stored in Cryptomator on iOS. The selection menu for sync does not offer local folders (which may contain the local Cryptomator store) but only a few cloud services. But these are not usable, when the notes are inside a Cryptomator.

Any help would be appreciated.

If you need encryption for your notes stored in a cloud provider or file system, the best way is enabling E2EE on Joplin itself. See here compatible sync services.

Thanks, Dino. I saw that possibility, but I'd like to avoid a situation where I have an encryption scheme per application. The key management and repeated verification of verification algorithms would be a nightmare in such a case. Similarly, I use Cryptomator to store plain OpenDocument files (on arbitrary storage) rather than having encrypted OpenDocument file on a plain storage.

Using the FileProvider-Framework on iOS to specify a sync-target should be straight forward. This would not only enable Cryptomator-support but also other less common Cloud storage (that also integrates into the FileProvider-Framework).

I'm not familiar with the limitations and command line operation of iOS, but in Linux, you can copy a Joplin profile and its notes into a Cryptomator vault, and then open it with this command:
Joplin-Vx.x.x.AppImage --profile /my/vault/Joplin/joplin-desktop

I'd be surprised if a variant of this command isn't available and working in iOS - see the command manpage. Having said that, you may have difficulty with permissions (as per the thread you cited). Perhaps someone more experienced than I can clarify.

iOS is extremely locked down, i.e. you're not going to run any command line options there (unless it's a jailbroken device, but that's a completely different story).

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Exactly - a custom invocation option doesn't work here.

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