iOS pre-release v13.0 is now available (Updated 20/04/2024)

In order to try the iOS pre-release, you will need to join the Joplin iOS beta program from here:



I am using TestFlight and setting it as automatic update at TestFlight app configuration and through app page, but it is still at v 12.14.5. Is there a delay to be available on TestFlight or I need to include something else to update my Joplin on the iPhone to v 13.0.1? Thanks

The iOS changelog is published when I build the app and upload it to the Apple Store, however the app itself is only available once it has been reviewed by Apple, so unfortunately there's always a delay.

Maybe there should be some check to see if the version is actually available before publishing the changelog but I assume it would be complicated to do

Ok, I assume it, but I wanted to check if there is another problem, thanks.

Prerelease IOS 13.0.1 is available right now on TestFlight to use.

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