iOS pre-release 2.10 is now available (Updated 29 Dec)

As I now have an iPhone I have started doing iOS pre-releases too, via Test Flight. If you're interested in giving them a try please follow this link:

As always, these releases are normally quite stable, and any bug is given the highest priority and is fixed as early as possible. Feel free to put any feedback here, on GitHub or directly via Test Flight.

ios-v12.10.1 - 2022-12-28T15:08:39Z

  • Improved: Switch license to AGPL-3.0 (faf0a4e)
  • Improved: Tag search case insensitive (#7368 by @JackGruber)
  • Improved: Update Mermaid: 9.1.7 to 9.2.2 (#7330 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Improved: Upgrade to react-native 0.68.5 (e2d59ee)
  • Fixed: Fix CodeMirror syntax highlighting (#7386 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix attaching multiple files (#7196) (#7195 by Self Not Found)
  • Fixed: Note viewer inertial scroll is slower than native inertial scrolling (#7470) (#7469 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Update CodeMirror (#7262) (#7253 by Henry Heino)
  • Security: Fix XSS when a specially crafted string is passed to the renderer (a2de167