iOS 10.0.53 Increase max resource size to 100mb

During synchronization, it prompts that the attachment size exceeds 10M and cannot be synchronized.

  1. iOS 10.0.51 has adjusted the attachment size limit to 100M, but it still prompts that it cannot be synchronized if it exceeds 10M. What is the reason?

  2. According to the attachment ID and attachment name, nothing can be searched, and it is impossible to determine which note the problem is with. Please help to see if there is any way to determine which note is not synchronized?

Thank you

On the sync target, what’s the actual size of .resources/96a03…?

Hello, I have emptied the note and re-imported it to solve the problem. At present, the specific size of the attachment cannot be traced. It can be determined that the attachment is far less than 100M and not more than 20M.

In the case of supporting 100M attachments, it still prompts that attachments exceeding 10M cannot be synchronized. This should be a bug and I hope it can be fixed.
Thank you

Could you provide a screenshot of this please? As I don’t know where this message would be displayed

The red box in the screenshot shows that attachments larger than 10M cannot be synchronized

Did you edit this PNG file in an external editor? It seems there’s a difference between the real file size and the one that’s recorded in the metadata but I’m not sure how it could happen. I assume you didn’t manually change the image size?

I have never used an external editor. The image is downloaded from the Internet. Make sure you have not edited the image.