Introduction: Yash Jipkate

Hi everyone,

I am Yash Jipkate, currently, an undergraduate from India and I am thrilled to work with Joplin this GSoC.
I have good experience in Web Development and used frameworks like React and Angular in my college projects. I am primarily interested in Idea#1: Multiple profiles and idea#9: Keyboard shortcuts.
My GitHub username is YashJipkate.



Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you recently.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum.

Don’t forget to watch/subscribe to the GSoC Live Blog to stay tuned.

good luck with GSoC


Thank you very much for your concern! I really liked Joplin and the codebase.

However I wasn’t able to align myself with any of the current project ideas

Therefore I decided that it was in best interest to leave them to one’s more suited for it.

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Thanks for updating us. If you would like to still participate this year, feel free to get with Pack and I about it. The ideas listed here aren’t absolute, so if you have a proposal that you want to submit and think you can do it within the allotted time frame, lay it on us. If not, that’s perfectly fine also.