Introduction - Rahulm2310

Hi, I am Rahul Mohata, a 2nd year Btech. student from MAIT, Delhi.I love web & its development.I have a pretty good experience in this field of about 1 year.I have following skills in my bag : HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Jquery,Bootstrap,NodeJs,MongoDB,ExpressJs,ReactJs & React Native.
I am interested in the "Protected Notes" project and would love to contribute to the community. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the community,
all alright?
Don’t hesitate to post question in the proper category when you have troubles moving forward.

Looking forward to your first fix.

good luck with GSoC

you are still being considered but your PR number/ merge ration is by far not best.

You have bound a lot of working time and we have got only little in return yet.
Most of your PRs are closed for not bringing any clear improvements and, even if they were improvements, they don’t demonstrate your skills as it’s superficial changes, like styling, etc.

Would you mind working on a complex issue telling us that you understand and being able to cope with the complexity of Joplin?

Sure sir.
I am going through the codebase thoroughly to get a hold on it. Also I am continuously searching for complex issues and would love to resolve them. I will try to improve my PR number/ Merge ratio.