Introducing Yashwanth

Hello Everyone,
This is Yashwanth A ,ComputerScience student at CVR college of Engg,India.
I’m looking forward to participate with Joplin in GSOC 2020.
I am good at Javascript and React.Previously I worked on React projects.
I want to work on desktop version of Joplin(Electron).
Thank you

Welcome to the forums. I’m Stefan ; I’m one of the mentors here. If you have any questions about the project, please read the GSoC Live Blog up top.
If it doesn’t answer, feel free to reply here and I’ll see what I can do.

I want to work on NextCloud collaboration with Joplin API.
Kindly provide me details to this issue.
Thank you.

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sorry I cannot tell you all details there are two topic about nextcloud and joplin, both are referenced in the ideas.
If you need support on this, you may ask the question in the corresponding topics.
May you start cloning the repo and trying to understand how the API works and may come up with ideas for little improvements

Thanks for info. I will update soon.